About Designer Jewellery

Jewellery Design

We are passionate about good design, and we design and make almost all of our diamond rings and most of the jewellery with South Sea Pearls, also some with sensational coloured gemstones.  We have also designed classic gold and silver items. We believe that good design is vitally important and often timeless. Some of our designs are classic and some very modern, we believe that jewellery needs to be wearable and practical while still being beautiful.  We desire to create distinctive, sophisticated and beautiful pieces which enhance both the wearer and the gems to their best advantage.

Clients are welcome to design their own jewellery and we will make it to their specifications. Truly unique items created to complement the client. We are happy to work with you to develop a design from your ideas, which will express your personality and individuality. All of our staff are focused on creating exceptional pieces and with our proven talent and experience we will design the piece you want, whether it is an engagement ring or a special gift or something for yourself.