About Diamonds

The 4 C's of Diamond Quality

When you're considering purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery, four main factors determine the quality and cost of diamonds. Within the industry these are known as "The 4 C's": cut, colour, carat (weight) and clarity. The 4 C's determine why one stone might cost very little and another a lot more.  At Sargisons we value good colour and clarity, and stock colours "F" to "G" (rare white) and clarity "SI1" or better.

Finding The Right Diamond

While you may walk into the store and find your perfect ring, finding the right diamond for your engagement ring or jewellery can take time. As we tailor your jewellery to meet your needs, we can supply a range of diamonds in the size, cut, colour, clarity and that suit you and your budget. You can see the stones before they are set into your ring or piece, and choose the diamond that's right for you and your individual choice of setting. You can also have piece of mind because all of the diamonds that we source are conflict free.

Our Diamond Ring Guarantee

We offer a guarantee with every diamond ring purchase that includes the following:

  • 7 days money back guarantee or exchange*, if returned in original condition.
  • Free ring resizing for a period of two years from the date of purchase.
  • 5 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.
  • Free valuation at point of service
*only applies to stock purchases, NOT special orders.